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Back acne home remedies are generally the first acne treatment option people affected by this condition rely on, in their attempt to get rid of back acne. Unlike medical treatment alternatives, home remedies for back acne are safer, free of side effects and generally more affordable. Therefore the majority of sufferers prefer using the various natural back acne remedies before considering the use of pharmaceutical creams or oral acne medications generally prescribed for this ailment.

back acne home remedies | get rid of back acne | home remedies for back acne | back acne remediesUnpleasant and embarrassing, this health condition affects teenagers as well as adults, the typical symptoms having their onset during childhood and lasting until the age of 40 or even beyond in more chronic cases. Although less visible compared to most other types of acne, which manifest on the face, this type can be just as frustrating and quite understandably can have an enormous impact on both the sufferer’s social and private life, so treating the symptoms right at the beginning of their manifestation and taking all the required measures for preventing any potential future outbreaks is essential for restoring the self-confidence of the patient.

Herbs Commonly Used as Back Acne Home Remedies

There are numerous herbs with proven effects in reducing back acne signs and relieving the discomfort caused by this health condition. If you’re among those sufferers trying to get rid of back acne, here are the most common and efficient herbal remedies you can use for overcoming your ailment:

  • Chamomile – this plant is known to reduce the redness associated with back pimples and to clean the affected skin thoroughly, leaving it lighter, less inflamed and free of harmful bacteria. You can use the tea obtained from this herb either orally – two or three cups a day, until the signs of acne are diminished – or topically, by applying the mixture directly on the painful areas.
  • Burdock – this plant is very efficient is curing various skin conditions, from milder to severe ones, so it can be successfully used as an acne home treatment as well. The burdock tea has good diuretic properties thus it helps the body eliminate toxins, which are known to favor acne development. The liquid can also be used as a skin wash, for reducing or removing acne spots and pimples.
  • back acne home remedies | get rid of back acne | home remedies for back acne | back acne remediesDandelion roots are amongst the well-known back acne remedies and they are available as dried herbs, liquid extracts and tinctures, capsules and teas. These plants are known to restore the body’s immunity, to stimulate toxin elimination and to clear up inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne while preventing bad bacteria from over growing and spreading.
  • Tea tree oil acne treatment is also amongst the most popular and efficient home remedies for back acne, thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This remarkable and versatile oil has the ability to reduce the redness, itchiness and discomfort associated with skin inflammation and irritation in acne. Considered as effective as benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, tea tree oil has the great advantage of being completely free of side effects, thus it can be safely used by people with sensitive skin, trying to get rid of back acne.

Besides these natural back acne home remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes will certainly be of benefit in reducing the intensity of back acne symptoms and in preventing the occurrence of new blackheads, nodular acne or cystic acne developing on the back. So let’s take a look at the simplest preventive methods available for people affected by this skin condition.

Home Based Prevention of Back Acne

Applying the previously mentioned back acne remedies may not be sufficient for preventing future outbreaks, so if you really are interested in getting rid of this ailment permanently, you should also try to change your dietary habits and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. By including more fresh fruits and vegetables in your menu you will certainly help increase your immunity’s strength and resistance to infections and inflammations, thus you reduce the risks of developing new pimples on your back. A healthy diet means fewer fried foods and refined sugars, no alcohol and less caffeine and carbonated drinks. The more natural the products are that you eat, the greater are your chances to get rid of back acne without having to rely on medical treatments.

Another great compliment to natural home remedies for back acne is physical activity, which can reduce your stress levels, improve circulation and will enhance the skin’s resilience. By undertaking physical exercises at least three times a week you can boost your body’s immunity, so make sure you take advantage of this free remedy as well. Also, do your best to maintain effective personal hygiene by showering after each training session and avoiding the use of harsh soaps or scrubs as these can accentuate the severity of back acne symptoms, worsening the condition.

Choose your cosmetics carefully and try to opt for water-based ones, as these don’t clog the pores therefore don’t cause pimples or blackheads. Still, if you’re more into oil-based showering gels or moisturizers, try to choose hygiene products containing natural oils like lavender or tea tree oil, as these limit the sebum production therefore can be an important part of your natural back acne home remedies.

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